Video Links


  • Why Does the Pedlar Sing?

    A short talk and interview about my new book on creativity in advertising.

  • Planners in the Boardroom?

    We all worry about status - of planners in agencies, of agencies relative to clients - but how much does this get in the way of doing good work? In a talk to the APG from 2013, Paul offers provocative thoughts on working relationships.

  • History of Strategy

    Paul talks about the history of strategy in ad agencies, at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, 2015

  • The Anatomy of Humbug

    Interview with Russell Davies about The Anatomy of Humbug for Campaign magazine, February 2015.

  • PGTips Case

    Interesting documentary by Thinkbox about the UK's longest running ad campaign

  • Why the Big Questions Matter

    Presentation with Oliver Feldwick (CHI), at the Ad Association's LEAD conference in March 2017

  • How does Advertising Work?

    Some comments at an event hosted by 18 Feet and Rising in 2015

  • Why 'Content' isn't a new idea

    Speech given at the Internet Advertising Bureau Native and Content Conference in 2015

  • Organisational Creativity

    Talk given at IPA Effectiveness Festival in 2015, on learning and creativity in organisations.